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Why We Care So Much

I know first-hand what can happen if you choose the wrong Medicare plan.

 As my grandmother’s caregiver, I watched her quality of life deteriorate with Alzheimer. She didn’t have anybody to guide her through her Medicare coverage options. She was loyal and trusted her insurance company. Her unfortunate situation was the deciding factor in my career change to helping people get the best coverage and the lowest cost possible.

My client, Linda's story is very similar to my grandmothers. She was very loyal to her insurance carrier, after all, they had covered her through a pretty serious health event. When we met, her Rx expenses were staggering, and they were considering a reverse mortgage just to have the resources for her expensive drugs. 

You see her insurance carrier never told her that if she changed plans she’d save money. 

Her drugs had been moved to higher tries, costing her more every year. After a thorough analysis, she followed my recommendation and that first year she saved nearly $1500 a month and now she’ one of the first to book her annual review.

I am certified in dozens of plan options and have had over 400 hours in training this summer on 2019 Medicare benefits options because I deeply care about my clients. 

I want my clients to have the very best coverage at the lowest cost possible.

Our services are always FREE! Please don’t let anybody ever charge you. All insurance agents get paid by the insurance carrier. 

Meet denise anderson

As a mother, a daughter and a caregiver, I believe in treating others as you want to be treated. In our agency everyone is treated like family. 

I’m the Managing Broker at Make Medicare Work (a division of J. Johnston Ins. Svc, Inc.) and a Medicare Supplement Accredited Advisor.

My agency has helped thousands of Medicare beneficiaries properly enroll in Medicare and understand their benefits options at no charge. Collectively, my team has nearly 100 years of experience.

Protecting Your Rights

I am a member of the Medicare Benefits Association as well as California Health Underwriters and National Health Underwriter association. These organizations work tirelessly to help protect and improve Medicare.

We Know Medicare

We have gone through about 400 hours in 2018 to learn about all the changes happening with Medicare in 2019.  Plus we monitor regulation that happen throughout the year so you don't have to.

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