Guaranteed to help you either Save Money and/or find you More Benefits!

Medicare has made significant changes to 2019 coverage! 

This is welcome news to Medicare beneficiaries who have experienced high brand-name prescription medication costs and for individuals who want more preventive care.

The insurance carriers will move drugs to different coverage tiers each year. Just because your drugs were covered in 2018, doesn’t mean they will be covered at the same rate in 2019.

To ensure you get the best coverage at the lowest cost, you must compare your plan to other options every year.

Let's ensure you get all the benefits you are entitled to at the lowest cost possible.

If we are unable to save you money and or find you more benefits, we'll give you a $15 Starbucks gift card for your time. 

All you have to do is provide us a list of your current medications, and the doctors you want to keep before your appointment. This information is needed to analyze over 30 carriers to find your very best options.

Our services are always FREE, and as long as you are a client, we will always fight for you to make sure you get every benefit you deserve and don't pay a dime more than you have to. 

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