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Medicare Is Making Big Changes To 2019 Healthcare And Drug Coverage

Medicare Annual Enrollment Doesn’t Have To Be Painful

The Secret To Getting More Benefits Or Paying Less Money Is Being Organized!

medicare 2019 donut hole changes

Donut Hole Changes in 2019

If you are on prescription medications and you loath the donut hole, we have some exciting news for you. Please read our article about changes to the 2019 Medicare Donut Hole.

Making a change during the annual enrollment period is about as much fun as moving to a new cell phone company. It can feel like more hassle than it’s worth. Making you feel anxious, frustrated, and filled with dread.


But putting your head in the sand will cause you financial pain in the future that may have been avoided. 

You don’t have to feel overwhelmed. 

You can make the Medicare Annual Enrollment process easy.

The first step is to get organized!

Get Organized Now for 2019 Annual Enrollment to:

  • Keep your Doctors
  • Keep your Hospitals
  • Keep Drug coverage you can afford
  • Discover even MORE benefits that you are entitled to!
  • You get all of your "Medicare Organizer" information sent to you as an email so you have a copy for your own use or to share with your Doctors or loved ones later.

2019 Medicare Annual Enrollment Organizer - Orange County, California

Gathering your healthcare information into a single place is powerful because one size DOES NOT FIT ALL. Your situation is different.

Your healthcare needs, budget and circumstances are different and...changes.

The plan that works for your neighbor or your sister, may not be the best plan for you.

AND the plan you had last year may have major changes in 2019. You may need to change plans so you can keep your doctors and prescription cost down

This starts with the information in your Make Medicare Work Organizer.

The Free Make Medicare Work Organizer helps you gather all the information necessary to make the best decision easily and quickly.

Once completed, click the button at the bottom and your information will be emailed.

Congratulations on taking the first step to Make Medicare Work for you!

Meet Your Team

Hi, I’m Denise Anderson

2019 Medicare Annual Enrollment Organizer - Orange County, California

I am a mother, a daughter and a caregiver. I believe in treating others as you want to be treated. In our agency everyone is treated like family. 

I’m the Managing Broker at Make Medicare Work (a division of J. Johnston Ins. Svc, Inc.) and a Medicare Supplement Accredited Advisor.

My agency has helped thousands of Medicare beneficiaries properly enroll in Medicare and understand their benefits options at no charge. Collectively, my team has nearly 100 years of experience.

2019 Medicare Annual Enrollment Organizer - Orange County, California

I am a member of the Medicare Benefits Association as well as California Health Underwriters and National Health Underwriter association.

These organizations work tirelessly to help protect and improve Medicare.

Open enrollment starts October 15th, 2018 and ends December 7th, 2018.
If you know someone that also needs to start this process, please share this free service with them too.
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