Make Medicare Work

By calling this number you will be directed to a licensed agent.

Take the Frustration and Confusion Out of Medicare Coverage.

You worked hard for your benefits. Get what you deserve.

We Care About Your Health and It Shows

Our personal goal is to find you More Benefits for Less Money

The Freedom to Choose

Unlike the big name insurance carriers who only want you to buy a particular product, we look at all the plan designs and provide you with several of the top carrier options to find the plan best suited for your health, needs and budget.

Nearly 100 Year of Experience 

We have helped thousands of individuals properly enroll in Medicare and understand their benefits options at no charge. Collectively, the team has 100 years of experience.

Personalized Concierge Service

Keeping you with your preferred health care providers is always our FIRST priority. We personally review  your medications and healthcare needs to get you the best coverage.

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By calling this number you will be directed to a licensed agent.

Even though the your consultation is complementary, you'll feel our white glove service. 

You never pay for our Medicare services.

Here are 3 more ways we are different.


we empower you 

You're an intelligent person, but wading through all the information is horribly confusing. This makes it difficult to make an intelligent decision about your Medicare coverage. 

We take the time to education our you so you can be a savvy consumer and take charge of their healthcare benefits. 

It is an honor and a privilege to apart of your life. We give you the time and attention that you deserve to make this critical decision. Life is too precious to rush!

Do I qualify for Medicare


service beyond enrollment

Any time you need help with a claim or have any questions about anything Medicare (or insurance related), we are always just a phone call away – you’ll never have to go it alone. 

Clients have called from the emergency room to help make sure they receive the care they are entitled to. 

We reviewed explanation of benefits and reduced our clients bills by thousands because someone didn't pay enough attention to billing the right code.

We fight for you! Not the insurance company.

Medicare Enrollment Period


We are here for life

We are here for the long haul. You'll have support for a lifetime...literally.

With over 40 years in business, our family owned business believes are customers are family. 

"Turning 65 was a big transition, especially when it came to healthcare. I read all the articles and material but still it didn't click for me on what I should do. That was until a family member said, "You must talk to this lady. She knows everything about Medicare."

I can't even begin to tell you how helpful she was! She talked to me about my specific needs. She is able to target what my needs were and tailor that coverage selection to that particular need. That's why Denise is so good. "           - Patti A. Long Beach, CA

Make Medicare Work

Why I Care So Much

Denise Anderson

I know first-hand what can happen if you choose the wrong Medicare plan.  As my grandmother’s caregiver, I watched her quality of life deteriorate with Alzheimer. She didn’t have anybody to guide her through her Medicare coverage options. She was loyal and trusted her insurance company. Her unfortunate situation was the deciding factor in my career change to helping people get the best coverage and the lowest cost possible.

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By calling this number you will be directed to a licensed agent.

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