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For A Moment...

...think about a better Medicare!

When it comes to considering your Medicare options, you can spend hours doing your own research or you can work with your own Medicare Concierge, a licensed and certified Medicare Agent. Your Medicare Concierge will compare your options to find the coverage that is right for you… at a price that fits your budget.


With your Medicare Concierge, you get the benefit of great counsel along with great choices and Free lifetime customer support.

Fast, Simple & Unbiased Medicare Guidance

We built this uniquely different program because the face of Medicare is changing and frankly... we thought it was time the whole process changed.


You could spend countless hours researching Medicare yourself, but why?

Let Make Medicare Work provide you the concise information based on YOUR individual needs – with out having to invest countless hours of painstaking study.


Trying to navigate Medicare’s complex and confusing landscape is enough to give anyone a headache.

Our process is simple. It consists of answering some simple questions and then sitting back while we roll up our sleeves and create a step-by -step Medicare plan “just for you”.


Unlike insurance carriers or brokers who have a vested interest in “selling” you their insurance plan, we simply work for you.

We will provide clear and concise options specific to your needs, insuring both your heath and financial needs are met…

Client Testimonials

Words from the heart of our past clients who used Make Medicare Work

If you aren't sure who to turn to for Medicare advice, give this group a call. We've used Denise for 6 years and have been very happy with her advice and follow-up. We've also recommended them to friends who've found their help and advice invaluable.


Los Alamitos

Great service to facilitate understanding Medicare. Based on my personal needs, we were able to find the best matches of Supplemental and Drug plans. Denise has a deep, thorough understanding of the plans and I highly recommend her!


Palm Desert

I am amazed at the wonderful services provided for these very complicated Medicare issues, all free of charge!

Mary K


Denise is amazing!!! She does all the leg work to find the best medical insurance and prescription drug plans for us each year. She is professional, accessible and easy to work with. I highly recommend her!


No one is better at making her clients feel at ease and confident regarding their options and ultimate choices for Medicare coverage than Denise Anderson!! She’s kind and professional...!


Costa Mesa

Already Have Medicare?

WARNING: Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans change yearly. These changes can cost you if you are not paying close attention:

  • Premiums can go up.

  • Deductibles can change.

  • Co-pays can increase.

Show Me Better Options!


Reading through the insurance carriers “notifications” is sometimes mind boggling. Approximately 52.6m Americans are enrolled in Medicare and only 13% review their coverage annually. That is a lot of surprises come January.

Over 65 or New To Medicare?

Medicare rules and complexities can be confusing and scary. Who has the time and interest in becoming an expert on Medicare regulation? (Well we did, but that's a long story).

Timing is critical when it comes to Medicare. One wrong move can cost you tens of thousands of dollars and leave you without critical coverage.

I'm New, Show Me More!

We see too many people get confused early on.