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Turning 65 or New To Medicare?

Medicare Advantage and prescription drug plans change yearly. These can cost you if you are not paying close attention.

  • Premiums can go up

  • Deductibles can change

  • Co-pays can increase

  • Provider networks can change

  • Formulary drugs and Drug Tiers can change

Want To Make A Seamless Medicare Transition?

Download our FREE Medicare Concierge Transition Guide to find out the real-time costs of your Medicare and how often it changes every year!

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Your Needs Change Too!

Reading through the insurance carriers “notifications” is sometimes mind boggling. Approximately 52.6m Americans are enrolled in Medicare and only 13% review their coverage annually. That is a lot of surprises come January.

Our Concierge Team Will:

  • Review and outline changes coming to your current plan

  • Provide detailed description of plan offerings that may provide you lower costs and/ or additional benefits.

  • You will be confidante that your Medical and Financial goals are met. Your doctors and Medications covered

  • All our clients enjoy Life

All of this with Lifetime Customer Service at NO EXTRA COST!

We understand that sometimes you just need to ask a question or need help understanding a bill or claim.

We're more than happy to share our years of expertise with you. It may be your first time with a Medicare issue but we can almost guarantee it is not ours.


Client Testimonials

Words from the heart of our past clients who used Make Medicare Work

If you aren't sure who to turn to for Medicare advice, give this group a call. We've used Denise for 6 years and have been very happy with her advice and follow-up. We've also recommended them to friends who've found their help and advice invaluable.


Los Alamitos

Great service to facilitate understanding Medicare. Based on my personal needs, we were able to find the best matches of Supplemental and Drug plans. Denise has a deep, thorough understanding of the plans and I highly recommend her!


Palm Desert

I am amazed at the wonderful services provided for these very complicated Medicare issues, all free of charge!

Mary K


Denise is amazing!!! She does all the leg work to find the best medical insurance and prescription drug plans for us each year. She is professional, accessible and easy to work with. I highly recommend her!


No one is better at making her clients feel at ease and confident regarding their options and ultimate choices for Medicare coverage than Denise Anderson!! She’s kind and professional...!


Costa Mesa

Are you ready to have much better options?


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Medicare mandatory?

  • No part of Medicare is mandatory, but if you choose to enroll in any part of Medicare after your Initial Enrollment Period, you could face financial penalties unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period with creditable employer coverage.

  • What is the late enrollment penalty for Medicare Part B?

  • Medicare Part B enrollment is complicated, and the wrong decision can leave you without health coverage for months – and lead to lifetime premium penalties.

  • Can I keep my doctor and/or specialist?

  • Keeping your doctors and/or specialists is our number one priority. We will always try our best to find a plan which your doctor accepts. Each situation is different, and we will discuss all your options in further detail at your benefit review.

  • Will my medications be covered?

  • Our Medicare Concierge will always do a complete review of your medications to ensure you are placed on a plan that covers your specific drug needs.

  • Does Medicare cover long-term care?

  • No. This is a surprise for most people. Medicare covers up to 100 days of skilled nursing care only, and that’s following a hospitalization and based on doctor’s orders. Medicare does not cover custodial care at all. This is the type of care older people need when they have trouble bathing and dressing themselves. Medicare won’t pay for it.

  • Is there a cost for your service?

  • Our services are no cost to you and there is no fee or extra charge for working with an MMW agent. We are a free, non-biased public service for Medicare beneficiaries.

  • Do you represent all Medicare plans?

  • MMW brokers represent most Medicare plans in the market. We are happy to give you our expert opinion on all available plans and we will not hesitate to recommend a plan we do not represent if it is the best fit for you.

  • Am I automatically enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B if I file for social security?

  • Yes, IF you have been receiving social security benefits for at least 4 months before your 65th birthday. IF YOU HAVE NOT been receiving social security benefits at least 4 months before turning 65, then you will need to complete the Medicare Benefits application.


  • How do you get paid?

  • Our agents are compensated by the health plan. Compensation is regulated by Medicare. Our services are always at no cost to you and there is no extra fee or charge for working with an MMW Concierge.

Need an option where you can compare and find your own Medicare plans?

Download our FREE Medicare Concierge Transition Guide to find out the real-time costs of your Medicare and how often it changes every year!

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